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Historical - Traditional - Biblical - Conservative - Anchored


While it may be easy to hear these words as restrictive, confining, and archaic - with a negative connotation - here at St. Paul's Lutheran, we hear these words as great comfort and assurance.  In other words, St. Paul's Lutheran not only desires to be steadfast but embraces the idea of being anchored in the midst of this stormy world.  


And so, what can you expect from St. Paul's? You can expect the teaching to be unchanging and the worship style to be enduring. At St. Paul's, the young and old are not segmented into generational preferences, but the young and old are anchored together in Christ and His gifts.  As one young lady recently said, "St. Paul's is the one place where me, my mom, and my grandma are completely together." Furthermore, at St. Paul's, we are not on a journey or an adventure into the unknown but are constantly being centered within what is already known - Christ and His forgiveness. Finally, at St. Paul's, since we are anchored in Christ, the focus is on Christ and not the members. Without an anchor, the church is nothing, and so it does not make much sense to put attention, pressure, and emphasis on the Christian when Christ is what matters most.    


We invite you to come and be anchored with us in Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation while we live our lives in the midst of this ever-changing and stormy world that we all find ourselves within.

- St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (LC
MS), Anchored since 1905


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Pastors & Staff


Pastor Richard has been a pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church since 2018.  Prior to St. Paul's, he served churches in Minnesota, California, Montana, and Eastern North Dakota.  


He is a graduate of Concordia Seminary of St. Louis, Missouri (DMin), Lutheran Brethren Seminary of Fergus Falls, Minnesota (MDiv), and Minot State University in Minot, ND (BS).    

He is married to Serenity, and they have three children. He enjoys carpentry work, knife collecting, coaching archery, and writing.  


Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard
Roth - Carlyle and Geneal (5)_edited.jpg

Rev. Carlyle Roth started at St. Paul's in December of 2019 as the Associate Pastor of Visitation.  He was previously a long-standing Pastor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church of Minot, ND for 30 years.  Prior to St. Mark's Lutheran, he was a pastor in Carrington and Sykeston for 13 years.  


He is a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield, Illinois. 


Pastor Roth is married to Geneal.  He enjoys fishing and makes excellent BBQ!  He considers it a joy to serve God's saints.  

Rev. Carlyle Roth

Associate Pastor


Joanna has been a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church since 2021. She graduated from Alexandria Technical College with a degree in Communication Art and Design. She has been a Paraprofessional for four years to three different schools before coming to St. Paul's.


Joanna is Married to Nate with three children. She is creative by nature and loves to draw digitally and sketching. She loves hiking, paddle boarding, and being outdoors.

Joanna Kruzel

Administrative Secretary

Jennifer Larsen

Hello! My name is Jennifer Larsen, and I’ve been directing the St. Paul Choir since 2001. I graduated from UND in 1999 with a degree in music education, with a vocal emphasis, and taught one year of elementary music at a local school before I began directing the choir at St. Paul's. I love my dedicated group of musicians! 

When I’m not directing the choir, I am chasing after my 3 kids and running to their various activities. I’m also a Sunday School teacher and volunteer with a local moms’ group. I enjoy singing (obviously!), gardening, crocheting, exercising, baking, and the outdoors in my spare time. If you’re interested in joining the choir, I’d love to visit with you! 

Choir Director

Peggy Hilson


Elizabeth Sorensen


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