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St. Paul's Lutheran Church


We live in a culture of great change. Sometimes we might feel like we are a ship in the great raging storm of life. Up and down, to and fro, we bounce with the unpredictability of life. Tragically, we cannot survive long-term with such instability. That is why every ship needs an anchor. An anchor provides a ship steadiness; it prevents the ship from being ripped away from its course and tossed into the vast emptiness of the ocean. Is it any different for us in our lives? 

As you come to St. Paul’s Lutheran, you will notice that we have an anchor outside of our entrance. We have an anchor because this reminds us that we are anchored at St. Paul’s Lutheran by the Lord’s consistent, stable, predictable, and unchanging Word and Sacraments. 


We invite you to come and be anchored with us in Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation while we live our lives in the midst of this ever-changing and turbulent world that we all find ourselves within.

- St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Anchored since 1905

St. Paul's Lutheran is proudly a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod


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