Anchored in Christ since 1905

2022 Project List for
Shepherd's Hill at the Crossroads
Work Weekend

June 2-5th of 2022

Deck Staining

The decks on the Chapel and Galilee Cabin need to be washed, some boards replaced, and stained to further longevity of use. 

Update Chapel Bathrooms

Flooring needs to be ground, new tiles installed, and plumbing fixed/updated. 

Tree Maintenance

Since the camp is located in the Turtle Mountains, many trees will need to trimmed and cut down.  

Gym Demolition Work

This is for adults only!  In preparation to revitalize an older gym, much demolition work is needed: removing sheetrock, removing walls, etc. (face covering will be needed)  

Small Repairs on Cabin

A new hand rail needs to be installed, along with minor improvements to the Galilee Cabin.  

Replace Vinyl Cabin Flooring

Vinyl flooring will need to be removed and new flooring installed.  

Additional Projects without Pictures:
- Repair an Outhouse: replace door and rotten wood on the outside. 

- Repair Picnic Benches: replace broken boards and paint.

- Carpet Game Room: remove old carpet and replace with carpet squares.

- Repair Freezer: create a plastic curtain and update seal. 

- Weeding: pull old weed, mow down tall grass, clear trails, etc. 

- Fix Plumbing Leak: identify a leak and fix it.  


Arrive Thursday night to prep.  Friday and Saturday are work days.  Sunday there will be a Matins Church Service, followed by clean up.