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Slaying the Monster of Uncertainty: Assurance in a World of Uncertainty

A Higher Things Youth Retreat

Way too often churches, worship music lyrics, and pastors point Christians to themselves.  In other words, the focus is put on the Christian, rather than the Christ. As a result, this makes Christians dig into their hearts for answers and assurance. This digging does not lead to solutions and peace though, but awakens a beast within. Indeed, from the depths of the heart the "Monster of Uncertainty" awakens to consume Christian assurance - the "Monster of Uncertainty" devours faith! 

Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard, Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and author of the book, "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? 12 False Christs," will be sharing about the Christian's battle with the Monster of Uncertainty.  He will share who the "Monster of Uncertainty" is and its tactics.  And most importantly, he will share how this monster is slain by the assurance the Christian has in the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.



When: March 29-30

Where: St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Who: Confirmation to College Students

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Cost: $50 per person (includes food, lodging, supplies, and sessions)


Pastor Richard: 701.852.2821

Tana McKenna: 888.482.6630


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Mail Registration to: 200 Burdick Expressway East, Minot, ND 58701


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