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Become a Member

What is Membership?

To be a member of a church is a wonderful gift. Being a member of a church isn’t just about tithing and having your name on a roster. But rather, it is about supporting your brothers and sisters, holding them accountable, and regularly receiving God’s Word and Sacraments with them. Furthermore, to be a member of a church is to have a pastor – a shepherd who cares for you by giving you the Word and Sacraments.

Membership, though, is often frowned upon in our twenty-first-century context. Many people scoff at the idea of membership and will say, “I don’t need to be a part of a church; I do spirituality on my terms with the Lord.” While these sentiments are sometimes very sincerely stated, the truth of the matter is that Christianity is corporate, not personal. That is to say; there is no such thing as Christianity that is simply one-on-one, you and Jesus, independent of other believers. God designed humanity to live in community with one another, and the Church on earth is how God provides that community for His people.

What is the Membership Process?

  1. The first thing for membership is to contact Pastor. You can do this by calling the church office at 701-852-2821 or emailing the church office at  
  2. Once you contact Pastor, a meeting will be set up with you and possibly others who are inquiring about membership too.
  3. At the first meeting you will be presented the material that you need to go over. The material is as follows:
    1. The Small Catechism: (CLICK HERE to read)
    2. Youtube Videos: (CLICK HERE to watch)
  4. Once you receive the material, Pastor will set up some follow-up classes to discuss the Small Catechism and Youtube videos.
  5. Once the classes are complete, you may apply for membership with the following form: (CLICK HERE for membership form).
  6. After the membership form has been reviewed, a date will be set to receive you into membership during a Sunday morning Church Service. Keep in mind that this public reception is not an intimidating public Q&A but a profession of faith and celebration. It is a joyous occasion for you to be received into church membership.

At St. Paul’s we rejoice in your interest in membership! We look forward to hearing from you and Pastor is excited to walk with you through the membership material and classes! The Lord bless and keep you!