Anchored in Christ since 1905

About Us

We live in a culture of great change. Each week there are new popular songs. Television programs are launched and canceled. Cell phones are constantly updated. And governmental policies – yes, they change on a regular basis. There is more too. People come and go; businesses start and close; buildings rise and fall; new discoveries in science replace old findings; fads emerge and fade away; death and birth mark the beginning for some, and the end of others.

Is there anything consistent and stable in our lives?

Sometimes we might feel like we are a ship in the great raging storm of life. Up and down, to and fro, we bounce with the unpredictability of life. While it may be exciting to ride the waves of life for a time, we cannot survive long-term with such instability. That is why every ship needs an anchor. An anchor provides a ship steadiness, it prevents the ship from being ripped away from its course and tossed into the vast emptiness of the ocean. Is it any different for us in our lives – do we not need an anchor too?
As you come to St. Paul’s Lutheran, the first thing you will notice is that we have an anchor outside of our entrance. As you come inside, you may also notice that the ceiling of the sanctuary is shaped like the bottom of a boat. Both of these things remind us that we are anchored in Jesus Christ.

We are anchored at St. Paul’s Lutheran by the Lord’s consistent, stable, predictable, and unchanging Word and Sacraments.

We invite you to come and receive from the Lord’s Word and Sacraments in our historical church services. Come, receive, and be anchored with us in Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation, while we live our lives in the midst of this ever-changing and turbulent world that we all find ourselves in.
- St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Anchored since 1905